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Smyrna Area Spring Consignment Sales

  Consignment Sale season is upon us! Grab your laundry basket and get ready to snag the best bargins on those adorable spring & summer outfits, baby gear, books, toys and more. Here’s what’s coming up in our area this spring! (Registration is still open for many of the later sales. If you’d like to clean out […]

{Worth the Drive} Pensacola Beach, Florida

With the Blue Angels; stunning white sand beaches; fresh off the boat seafood; a downtown full of history, charm and character; and so much more, Pensacola and Pensacola Beach are the perfect escape from Atlanta. We love taking the easy five hour drive down to Pensacola and surrounding areas for sun, sand and loads of […]

When Postpartum Depression isn’t Depression

Our youngest daughter was conceived via IVF. When we went in for the transfer, the on-call doctor matter-of-factly informed us that our embryos were all doing very poorly and were not going to survive. In fact, he all but assured us that the transfer wouldn’t take and suggested that we start planning our next attempt. But 11 […]

The “Work” of Childhood

What are your most fond memories of your childhood?  My favorite childhood memories involve unstructured outdoor play.  Chances are your favorite childhood memories involve play in nature too. Growing up in South Florida offered me year-round opportunities for exploration (most of the time barefoot) and play outside.  We made our own outdoor houses and created […]

{Business Profile} The Music Class

  You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers around town. Or maybe you’ve heard your friend talking about it. But if you’ve ever wanted to know more about The Music Class, I hope that this post answers your questions. Honestly, I had a difficult time writing this post for our sponsors at The Music Class. Not for lack of […]

{Smyrna Voices} Why I choose to send my son to a public school in Smyrna

  Originally posted July 2, 2014 When I tell people I pulled my oldest son out of private school and placed him into a public school located in Smyrna, specifically, Smyrna Elementary School, I am sometimes met with a puzzled look followed by the words, “Oh, really?” or “Interesting”.  I wasn’t totally surprised by these […]