Why does a baby need a dog: 12 benefits of a pet and a baby’s friendship

Many people breed dogs, but even more people on Earth simply do not understand why some “human friend”, if it is only unnecessary trouble? Why does a child need a dog and how can it help him develop properly, primarily psychologically?

Childless people, they say, can afford to have fun, but why give birth to a child and get a dog, too! Well Joinfo.com will tell you, dear skeptics, why! Dogs, according to experts, are the best friends of our generation.

1. For the child to get sick as little as possible.

A dog in the house even as an immune booster! Children who grow up with dogs catch colds much less often, and they usually don’t pick up infections. The same germs that live in the dog’s body, which many anxious parents are afraid of, can really stimulate your baby’s immune system!

2. So that the baby will be confident.

After all, if he is responsible for someone alive, he is strong! The life of his favorite pet depends on him, even though he is not yet an adult! Children are filled with self-respect and a sense of their own importance as well. Some children even learn to read in order to read to the dog.

3. So they won’t get allergies or asthma.

And the reason is the same increase in immunity. All kinds of smells, if the child grows up with the dog, are no longer dangerous to him!

4. Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Dog owners have very little stress. After all, when a person interacts with a dog, stroking it, playing with it, his blood pressure is lowered and he simply rests his nervous system. And therefore, and stress – much less.

5. Active lifestyle

Well you understand how absolutely every child will be appropriate to run with the dog or even just walk. Running is good for healthy muscle growth, walking is good for perfect heart function. And you won’t sit in one place with a dog – it will even shake up a child who is lying on the couch by making him play with it, at least lying down.

6. For children with autism to adapt to society

Even very restless and hyperactive kids who have a distracted attention span, and you don’t know how to teach them anything, calm down next to a dog. Autism, indeed! Do you know the feeling of being afraid of other people’s touch? For example, after a nightmare that people have hurt you and abandoned you in trouble… Well, being afraid of a dog in this situation does not work at all.

7. To strengthen the family

When family members walk together with the dog, take care of it – all together, play together. The dog is not only the friend of the man, the man becomes the friend of the man.

8. Daily routine

A dog that has to be taken out for a walk early in the morning teaches your child concentration and discipline, which will help you a lot at school and in life in general.

9. Learn to socialize

Children learn to socialize with other people when they interact with dogs. A dog is very serious about developing social and communication skills.

10. Gain a true friend

The dog in general teaches children to love, and it loves completely unselfishly. And the child who has a dog, from childhood feels needed and loved. Then he will be able to love others himself!

11. Work Habit

A dog helps to teach your child to work hard! A dog needs a bit of work to take care of it.

12. A dog is happiness.

Your child is happy when he plays with it. Isn’t that reason enough?

So, do not unconditionally refuse your child to get a dog, if you have the conditions in principle. Better try to arrange everything so that he really gets all the benefits he can out of it!


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