Mom Confessions


My friend, Jenn, read a pretty awesome blog post, The Mom Confession, and was inspired to post her own mom confessions daily. That (hilarious) bit of honesty and vulnerability struck a chord and my Facebook timeline has been full of mom confessions since then. I laughed, I cried, I realized I needed to share it with the Smyrna Parent page.

Here are some of my favorites (names removed to protect the not so innocent). Though I’ll freely admit the first one is mine!

  • The other night I realized that we were totally out of pull-ups at bedtime. Rather than get in a car and drive the .5 miles to CVS, I squeezed my 32 lb toddler into her 6 month old sister’s size 3 diapers.
  • I lied on a healthy behavior survey at the pediatrician’s office the other day about hours of tv watched and how much we eat out. Ironic, since as an MPH I can’t stand when people fudge health surveys and $&#% up results.
  • My daughter boycotts breakfast a lot. The other day I was not in the mood to fight with her. She kept begging for redi whip. So she got redi whip and sprinkles at 8am.
  • I’ve told my eldest daughter that she can get her ears re-pierced (closed holes) this week if she does dishes every night…this has been going for over a month.
  • I told my kids when they were little that my chocolate bar was mommy’s medicine so I didn’t have to share. (In some ways that wasn’t a lie.)
  • I may not tell the kids about “fall back” time and put them to bed an hour early anyway.
  • My hubby was out of town and I told my in-laws I had an appointment and needed to run errands without the little one. I got a pedicure and saw The Hunger Games.
  • I once set my son’s clock the wrong time so when he’d wake up at night it said 5am instead of 6am and he would go back to sleep.
  • My kids think that our smoke detectors are actually Santa Cam. It’s so convenient because he can see if they are being good from just about anywhere in the house.

What are your imperfect parenting confessions?

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A New Orleans girl turned Georgia peach and stay at home mom to 2 daughters. Before taking the leap into full time mothering, I worked at at an Atlanta-based advertising agency. I have lived in Smyrna for almost 10 years and am still not sure how I managed to find a job more chaotic and unpredictable than advertising.