Jitterbug Performing Arts Review & Giveaway!

This winter has been tough on our preschooler. If it’s not various colds and illness keeping us inside, it’s been long stretches of rainy weather, or freezing wind chill temperatures. And like all preschoolers, mine needs to run, jump, move and stretch to be happy. So when Lindsay from Jitterbug Performing Arts invited us to attend a class for a blog review, I couldn’t wait. Of course, yet another illness set us back a week or two, but in early January on a cold, rainy Saturday, we loaded into the car for some much needed activity!

Jitterbug Performing Arts (Concord Road), is a truly unique experience. It’s dance, music, and art. It’s face paint, costumes, and set design. It’s drama, imagination, and performance. It’s jostling your way to the front to shine and bravely overcoming nerves while speaking into a mic. It’s boys and girls, toddlers and older kids. And it’s a really, really good time. 

The class that we joined was a 45 minute “drop-in” style class with a princess theme. Drop-ins are what they sound like – you can show up without committing to a full session and just pay for the single class. They have a different theme every week and the activities are very varied, so there will never be any boredom! Our Princess drop in started with some face paint to get our princesses & princes in the mood. While the kids were coming in and getting their faces painted, the others were led in some imagination and movement exercises. After that, they moved to a different room with a stage and some stage lighting. There they learned two (2!) dances from the Frozen soundtrack and practiced introducing themselves by stating their name, age and favorite color into a mic. The instructors were young, energetic and fun. They seamlessly moved between instructing the older 5 and 6 year olds and the littlest ones in the class, who required a bit more in the way of explaining and refocusing.

During this time, parents can run errands or hang out in the lobby, which is decked out with comfortable seating and a large collection of children’s books for the younger siblings. At the end of the 45 minute session, the kids give a performance for the parents.

I’m sure this will make me sound crazy, but I teared up when my two year old stated her name and favorite color so confidently into the mic. As someone who would get sick to my stomach for a week leading up to a school speech, I was in awe of her fearlessness. Every child – and parent – clearly had a great time.

If you attend a drop in and fall in love as we did, you can enroll your child their classic program which features singing, dancing, drama and more.  Their various specialty programs allow your child to create a musical, produce a broadway-style play, learn ballet, and more. There are homeschool classes available, summer camp sessions, and pajama party/parents’ night out. There are programs available for children as young as 18 months and as old as 12. In other words, something for just about everyone.

Want to see for yourself? Jitterbug is giving away one (1) pass good for 3 drop-in classes to one Smyrna Parent reader. (Valued at $45.) GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

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