Cobb Preparatory Academy Proposed Charter

Cobb Preparatory Academy, a proposed charter school to be located in Cobb County, will offer a statewide attendance zone to better serve the educational needs of Georgia’s families.

The mission of Cobb Preparatory Academy is to provide a learning environment where every student is challenged to reach his or her full potential. Cobb Preparatory Academy strives for academic excellence and a school culture with positive morale by providing a research-based and rigorous curriculum. Cobb Preparatory Academy will teach children the value of lifelong learning as well as the importance of contributing to society and community in positive ways.

Unlike a traditional school attendance zone defined by zip codes and geography, Cobb Preparatory Academy, as a statewide charter school, will be open to ALL eligible public school students in Georgia. All students will be given equitable access and opportunity to enroll in the Cobb Preparatory Academy.

To achieve the goals of offering students a high-quality charter school education, Cobb Preparatory Academy will utilize unique and innovative academic components to complement a comprehensive data-driven educational model. The components include the following:

  • School-Wide Goal Setting: at the year’s onset, teachers and administrators analyze the previous year’s data to set school-wide improvement goals for the new year;
  • Personalized Learning Plans (PLP): designed to track the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, PLPs are collaboratively developed between students, parents and teachers to empower students to track their own progress;
  • Progress Monitoring and Assessment: tracks specific and measurable goals regarding attendance, test scores, graduation rates and teacher retention to inform data-driven decision making;
  • Innovative Measurement Tools to Drive Research-Based Instruction and Data Analysis: employs state-of-the art technology like the student information system, Teacher eGrade Book, and Narrative Report Card;
  • Technology to Support Student Engagement: using interactive white boards, interactive tablets, and document cameras, etc.;
  • Character Education Program: promotes an increase in student motivation toward academic learning by incorporating student interest with real-world experiences;
  • Academic Intervention and Acceleration (using diagnostic assessments and benchmark data, students receive additional instruction and practice on identified areas, with teachers instructing before and after school, through content area integration);
  • Supplemental Programing (collaboration and community integration through which character and academic education meet with engaged stakeholders in extracurricular and auxiliary activities);

Cobb Preparatory Academy hopes to open their doors to students in the 2015-16 school year.

You can show your support by texting CobbPrep to 31-31-31 or click here to sign the petition, and here to complete a survey.  To learn more:

Twitter: @CobbPrep


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