Marvel Universe LIVE! Recap


I took my 4 year old son to see Marvel Universe Live at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA on Sunday 21-Dec. He loves all things Marvel, so he was super excited. From the moment we entered the doors, you could see all of the booths set up with Marvel items from Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s Shield to Slushies inside a Spider Man face. There were booths to get your child’s face painted, as well as green screens where you could get your picture taken with many of the different Marvel’s characters. My son opted for the “Blaster Gun” and a Spider Man Slushie. He was pleased with both, more to come on the blaster. We got to our seats about 15 minutes before the show started, and my son was sitting back taking it all in. This was also his first time at Phillip’s Arena, so you can imagine his curiosity. The announcer did a great job at keeping everyone informed as to when the show was a few minutes before starting, and then announced it was time to begin and for everyone to take their seats. I believe this helped get all the people down into their seats early, so that it limited the people trying to get into their seats and walking in front of you at the start of the show.

My son is sometimes frightened by loud noises, so I brought ear plugs just in case. There were a lot of explosions and bangs throughout the show, but none were loud enough to warrant the use of the ear plugs. I, and my son, thought the battle scenes between the good guys and bad guys were very well scripted, and not too violent. You could tell the performers have been training for some time as the execution of multiple characters jumping, and kicking was flawless. There were a lot of scenes that involved motorcycles. Although this was not necessary to explain the different stories, I do believe it was intended to give the audience more to enjoy than just characters running around and battling. The stunt drivers of the motorcycles were great, and they did a lot of jumps which my son thought was awesome. The stories and missions that they acted out were very well scripted, and kept us both entertained. As mentioned earlier, my son loves all the Marvels (mostly the good guys), so he was super excited to see just about all the characters he knows. When some of the bad guys were beating up the good guys, my son took his Marvel Blaster and started shooting at the bad guys. This was hilarious and made some of the people seated near us laugh.

MUL Motorcycle

Good job to the creators of this show, they had an intermission!!! This is perfect for children, as it was time to hit the bathrooms (and refill our popcorn). I believe it was about a 15 minute or so intermission so it gave everyone plenty of time to get back to their seats. Again, the announcer told us when the show was about to begin, so everyone was prepared for the start of the 2nd set. The remainder of the show had a great mix of battle scenes, motorcycle jumps, and chase scenes. The story was well told, and the objectives for the hero’s was easy to follow, even my 4 year old knew what was going on. The visuals and audio (characters voices) and the sound level of the explosions were set for children, so it was not booming you out of your seat, or making the children run for the doors, but it was very entertaining.

All in all, Marvels Universe Live was a very enjoyable experience for me and my son. We also have 2 younger girls (not so much into Marvel), so this was a great day out with just me and my son. I would recommend this show for anyone, especially those who have children that love the Marvel characters, as the amount of characters that were on stage was very impressive. The show was long enough where you feel you got your money’s worth, but not long enough were your child is asking to go home. Great job to the creators of the show for a great overall experience.


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