Valentine’s Day Heart Apron Craft

This sweet little craft (inspired by ClumsyCrafter) is easy to do with children of all ages, and the technique can be used in many different ways. You can decorate t-shirts, tote bags, and canvases by following the same simple steps. Have fun!

Apron Modeled

– cloth apron (usually less than $5 at craft stores)
– empty cereal box
– scissors
– pencil
– tape
– fabric paint in 2 different colors*
– paper plate
– permanent marker

*The type of paint you can use for this project depends on the item you are decorating. Use fabric paint when decorating an item that will be washed regularly (e.g. t-shirt). You can use fabric paint OR regular acrylic craft paint when decorating an item that won’t be washed (e.g. tote bag, apron). The only paint you cannot use for this project is washable fingerpaints.

(Note: We always protect our work surface with a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store. It’s an affordable way to protect your belongings while making sure your child has fun making a mess!)

1. Cut open your empty cereal box so that it lies flat. Either trace or draw a heart (about 4-5″ wide) on the box and cut it out. You will need one heart per apron.

Apron Cutout



2. Use a loop of masking tape to attach the heart to the apron. This will help prevent it from slipping.

3. Put one of your paint colors on a paper plate. Allow your child to dip her finger tips in the paint and stamp all around the heart. If you don’t want to use your child’s fingers, you could use a circular sponge brush, q-tip, or pencil eraser to stamp paint around the heart. While the tape will help keep the heart in place, it is a good idea to have a parent press on the heart while painting around it.




4. Set aside and allow the paint to dry completely. Do not remove the heart.

Blue Heart



5. Put your second paint color on a paper plate and repeat the stamping technique. Once the paint is dry, have your child write their name, date, or message on the apron.

Green Fingerprints



Finished Apron



Looking for more? Check out last year’s Valentine’s craft here.


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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