{Smyrna Voices} Why I choose to send my son to a public school in Smyrna

  Originally posted July 2, 2014 When I tell people I pulled my oldest son out of private school and placed him into a public school located in Smyrna, specifically, Smyrna Elementary School, I am sometimes met with a puzzled look followed by the words, “Oh, really?” or “Interesting”.  I wasn’t totally surprised by these […]

Born Still and Still Parenting

When a baby is born in America there is usually a lot of fuss. Showers or “sprinkles” have been thrown, registries registered and every need anticipated for the new addition. Then, after the baby arrives, there are “sip and sees,” home visits, relatives who move in to help for a few weeks and definitely the […]

3 Ways to Stay Healthy as the Seasons Change

With the recent cooling of Atlanta temperatures, many of us have welcomed Fall with open arms! For some, this seasonal change can bring a new set of symptoms and ill health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the rates of flus/colds increase during colder seasons. This has less to do with how […]

Posting Milestones on Social Media

Parenting can at times be as challenging (ahem, toddler tantrums) as it is rewarding. We as parents put a ton of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect parent and ensure our children are set up for success (and looking fashionable). We often look to those who have gone before us or are going through […]

Natural Ways I Keep My Family’s Immune System Strong

It’s that time of year again… the time where cold and flus are hitting hard. This year seems to be particularly bad for people, at least from the amount of complaining I’ve noticed on Facebook. Having a healthy immune system doesn’t mean never getting sick. But when you do get sick, it means your body […]

Creative Parenting: In Praise of the Cautionary Tale

Hi everyone! As most of you probably know by now, I am the proud mother to an amazing 15 year old daughter. Fifteen years has passed in the blink of an eye, and while each stage from infant to the teen years (which we are in the midst of now) has had a few challenges, […]

{One Mom’s Opinion} When is your family complete?

Some decisions in life are clear and straightforward. They usually come with a choice between A and B and can be made without a whole lot of effort. However, when it comes to major life decisions about things like health, family, money, and work, those conversations become intensely complicated. And sometimes the decision just never […]

Truth in Advertising: Facebook Edition

My friend shared an article today, We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook. I smiled and nodded my way through it, and then I remembered the photo I took a little bit before which was just awaiting the perfect filter so it could be slapped up on Facebook. Look! A frolicking fall day with […]