Gone Fishing: Teaching your child to love fishing.

Fishing can be such a fun, family-friendly activity. It can be educational and a bonding experience. But for something that was a commonplace activity years ago, the number of families that now engage in the old favorite pastime and pass down the knowledge of fishing is far less than what it used to be. There […]

The Smyrna Parent Holiday Event Guide

  Regardless of what types of activities you enjoy with your family, there is bound to be something you’ll enjoy and that will fit your budget this holiday season in the Greater Atlanta area (and beyond).  Below, we’ve compiled one of the most extensive lists out there for family-friendly winter holiday activities! *Drive times are estimated […]

{International Babywearing Week} The Best Soft Structured Carriers

Since it’s once again International Babywearing Week, we wanted to bring this topic back around again. Last year I shared my “Adventures in Babywearing” story. So if you’ve read that, or done any research on the benefits of babywearing, then you’re all set on the “whys” of it. But if you’re expecting a baby, or […]

Natural Ways I Keep My Family’s Immune System Strong

It’s that time of year again… the time where cold and flus are hitting hard. This year seems to be particularly bad for people, at least from the amount of complaining I’ve noticed on Facebook. Having a healthy immune system doesn’t mean never getting sick. But when you do get sick, it means your body […]

{Worth the Drive} Cedar Creek Cabins

One of the wonderful things about Georgia is the variety of great places it offers for visiting. Whether you have a week available for vacation, or just a weekend away, there’s a getaway option for everyone. My absolute favorite area of this state to visit is the North Georgia Mountains. They have it all up […]

Adventures in Babywearing

  Before I actually had a baby, I knew I wanted to babywear. (Side note: I don’t necessarily love the term “babywear”, but since that’s what it’s generally called these days, that’s the term I’ll be using). I had a few friends that babywore, and I luckily had the time to research the topic in […]

{Small Business Spotlight} Salt Therapy of Georgia

I first heard about Salt Therapy of Georgia from Groupon. I’m always up for trying new things, especially when it comes to new ways to relax, and I enjoy learning about natural and alternative health topics. I love JeJu Korean Spa in Gwinnett, so I thought the salt therapy room might be similar to their […]

Five Family Favorites

We’re kicking off a new series at Smyrna Parent: Five Family Favorites. We’ll be sharing the 5 items that we cannot live without right now. With a total overload of products marketed for families it sometimes feels that many don’t live up to the hype. But sometimes, we all find these gems that suddenly become indispensable. Smyrna […]

Out-of–the-Box Ideas to Get Some Exercise (With a Baby In Tow)

I feel like being able to get a good workout in is way harder as a parent than it was pre-baby. Regardless of the reason (childcare, budget for a gym membership, clingy child, personal preference, or just shall we say overall tiredness), our bodies and minds still need a little exercise (you know, other than […]

Animal Encounters (Beyond the Zoo and Aquarium)

I’m pretty sure anyone that lives in the general Atlanta area and has kids is familiar with the zoo and the aquarium. But did you know that there are other awesome animal encounters within a few hours drive?   Let’s start closest to home (drive times are estimated from the center of Smyrna)…   The […]