The “Work” of Childhood

What are your most fond memories of your childhood?  My favorite childhood memories involve unstructured outdoor play.  Chances are your favorite childhood memories involve play in nature too. Growing up in South Florida offered me year-round opportunities for exploration (most of the time barefoot) and play outside.  We made our own outdoor houses and created […]

{Smyrna Voices} Why I choose to send my son to a public school in Smyrna

  Originally posted July 2, 2014 When I tell people I pulled my oldest son out of private school and placed him into a public school located in Smyrna, specifically, Smyrna Elementary School, I am sometimes met with a puzzled look followed by the words, “Oh, really?” or “Interesting”.  I wasn’t totally surprised by these […]

How to Improve your Christmas Morning Photos

  The tree is lit, it’s 6am and it looks like everyone in the house has been “good” this year as Santa has left lots of goodies for your little ones under the tree. As everyone hurtles towards the living room and the wrapping paper starts flying, you reach for your camera only to find […]

{Book Review} Books About Giving

December is about gift giving, and I think the best gift you can give to your children is reading with them. No child is ever too young or too old and there’s no “right” book to read together, so choose books you enjoy! Want some inspiration? Here are some books that show that caring about […]

Born Still and Still Parenting

When a baby is born in America there is usually a lot of fuss. Showers or “sprinkles” have been thrown, registries registered and every need anticipated for the new addition. Then, after the baby arrives, there are “sip and sees,” home visits, relatives who move in to help for a few weeks and definitely the […]

3 Ways to Stay Healthy as the Seasons Change

With the recent cooling of Atlanta temperatures, many of us have welcomed Fall with open arms! For some, this seasonal change can bring a new set of symptoms and ill health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the rates of flus/colds increase during colder seasons. This has less to do with how […]

5 Family Favorites

  We have a new addition to our “5 Family Favorites” series! In these articles, contributors and guests share the 5 items that they cannot live without right now. With an overload of products marketed for families, it seems like many don’t live up to the hype. But sometimes, we find certain gems that suddenly become indispensable! 1. The Veggetti! This […]

{Small Business Spotlight} be DANCE with Ms. Reggy

Be Dance with Ms. Reggy is a new studio in the heart of Vinings offering a wide variety of dance classes for kiddos and mamas alike.  The artistic director is Regina Solis Lee who has been dancing since the age of 3, and includes a position as a dancer with the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders in […]

Alternative Learning Philosophies

I think I’m figuring out I’m an alternative kind of person. I never really knew this until I had children. I didn’t know I was an attachment parent (with “alternative parenting choices”) until my daughter was almost a year old, and even as an educator I never realized how far from the norm my educational […]