5 Family Favorites


We have a new addition to our “5 Family Favorites” series! In these articles, contributors and guests share the 5 items that they cannot live without right now. With an overload of products marketed for families, it seems like many don’t live up to the hype. But sometimes, we find certain gems that suddenly become indispensable!

1. The Veggetti! This is perfect for making zucchini noodles, or zoodles as we call them in our house. You can also use it for carrots & cucumbers. We top ours with spaghetti sauce, my kids love the long noodles. It is also great if you are gluten free, trying to cut back on carbs or just get more veggies in your diet. I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond…don’t forget your 20% off coupon!



2. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Lip BalmThis stuff is great! It is made from organic shea butter, beeswax and essential oils to keep your lips (or your children’s lips) hydrated and healthy without the added chemicals and toxins.



3. thebargainwatcher.comI buy most of the clothes my 2 boys wear at consignment sales in the Fall & Spring. I love this website because you have access to all the sales in your area. If you’ve never been to a kid’s consignment sale, I highly recommend checking one out! Do a little research before you go, some only take certain forms of payment like cash or check, but most take credit. Also, bring your own shopping bags or laundry basket to hold your purchases and a list of items you are looking for along with your child’s size. My best tip – a big blue IKEA shopping bag is the perfect tote for these sales!

4. Poo-Pourri! Don’t laugh! This stuff works! I live with 3 boys (counting the husband) and this blend of essential oils virtually eliminates bathroom odors! You can order online or check their website for a local retailer near you.



5. Fun IKEA “place setting” placemats: The kids love these adorable place setting placemats from IKEA. They enjoy placing their spoon, fork, napkin & cup in the proper places on the placemat, plus they are learning how to set the table! They are $3 for 4 pack.


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{Bio: Angel Williams grew up in Marietta, GA and currently lives in Tucker, GA with her photographer husband and two boys- ages 3 & 7. Angel works part-time in Social Media Management and enjoys mid-century modern homes, furniture, and house wares. Her hobby is baking cupcakes, which all members of her family enjoy eating!}


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